Friday, December 11, 2015

Return of the Elves

Elf on the Shelf is totally one of our favourite Christmas traditions, though some years I've put a lot more effort in than others.  Last year I didn't even really take photos, definitely no elaborate set-ups!  This year we've been playing it simple too, but I'm keeping track of his moves over on instagram.  The kids are fuuuuully behind these guys!  They got a note from the elves this year (we've adopted a second pal), and Eleanor decided this was irrefutable proof that the elves weren't just toys...

There are a gazillion clever ideas for Elf on the Shelf, and I may have to scroll through pinterest to borrow some.  These are some of our very favourites from years past, and if I can find the props I may do a rehash of some of these ideas...

DON'T TOUCH!!!  They're better at this rule now...  Bebe Garland, nawww!!

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