Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo wasn't my all-time favourite part of our recent(ish) QLD trip.  It was hot.  We were tired.  I was ready to get home.  I was struck by how simple, and often small the enclosures were, and yet it still felt like an I-Spy game trying to spot the animals.  And that one time, when we spotted a sleeping koala in the centre of the food court.  That depressed me.

We did hit our stride in Roo Heaven, which really was.  The zoo was lush and green, too, which was pretty pleasant.  I think though, I won't visit again.  As zoos go, it wasn't my favourite.

Have you visited?  What did you think?  Perhaps I was just having a bad day...

Cost: Expensive.
Highlights: The cute, cute roos!  Petting koalas and taking home macaw feathers - also ace.
Lowlights: Australia Zoo covers quite a bit of ground.  It was therefor disappointing to find after walking all that way, nothing much to see on Bindi's Island.  Lemurs could *just* be viewed through a telescope.  There was a lone turtle in an absolutely tiny aquarium.  And a macaw (which was actually cool!).  The croc show was pretty terrifyingly fun.  Perhaps the Zoo is worth it, just to see that.
Expectation vs. Reality:  I thought it made Auckland Zoo look pretty darn good.
Worth repeating: Maybe not.
What we'd do differently:  We wouldn't bother with Bindi's Island or Africa.  Not worth the walk.

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