Sunday, January 24, 2016

Camping List

We've spent most of January living in a tent.  Far enough away from home to feel refreshing, close enough to feel pretty darn comfortable.  We are home again now, time to prep for the new year.  But before we forget...

Swimming spots: river, ocean, swimming pools: chlorine, salt and fresh.
Food foraged: blackberries, cape gooseberries, peaches, plums, pipis, cockles

Birthdays celebrated: Garland's 4th (dino themed - more soon!)
Mugs washed: one million
Wildlife encountered: frogs, eels, wood pigeons, horses, hawks, rabbits, peacocks, and last night - a morepork!  So cool!

Damper bread made: two batches
Kids movies viewed: one (using a borrowed inverter)
Epipens packed: three
Series watched: one (Outlander) and some (Downton Abbey)

Gas cartridges used: two
Rainy days: four
Days too hot to move: so, so many

We didn't set out to stay so long, in fact we did return home for a bit, before packing up again. Sleeping snuggled under twinkling lights, little people wrapped up in their Christmas sleeping bags. Waking to misty mornings (and more recently - baking sun).  Cups of tea out of enamel mugs.  Bows and arrows and so many sweet games under the trees.  There are plenty of memories to take home from our camping stay-cation.

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