Friday, January 29, 2016

Eumundi Markets

Perhaps Australia Zoo was a little less fun than we'd hoped for, partly because we'd already spent the morning scouring the Eumundi Markets.  Between the market (huge!) and the zoo (huger!), that's a fair bit of walking in one day.  In the middle of a mini heatwave...

I really enjoyed the Eumundi Markets, though was a little disappointed to see fewer handmade artisans, and more commercial stalls than expected.  It was one of those feel-good late Spring days; flowers blooming, the scent of warm bread and fresh coffee, a trickle of sweat down your neck as you scamper into the shade... that kind of thing.

The food was amazing.  Heaps of crazy good options.  It was pretty difficult deciding what to go with, but I'll always be a crepes girl!

I also loved Eumundi itself, or what we saw of it.  Such a quirky little town, tumble-down buildings, weeds growing with abandon, sunny and green and friendly.  I really wanted to stop and wander around a bit, but we were on a tight schedule.  Dang!

We would definitely like to visit again.  We didn't spend a lot (which was ace!), but we were happy enough just to wander aimlessly, looking.  Perfect morning.

Cost: Free!
Highlights: Definitely those crepes.
Lowlights: The heat was getting up there.
Expectation vs. Reality:  Handmade items were scarce.  Also, the market was far bigger than we'd expected.
Worth repeating: For sure!
What we'd do differently:  Stop in the township for a bit, and explore.

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