Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dinosaur Party!

It's party time, yo...

Garland turned four on what felt like the hottest day of summer.  We jumped into the pool, and were sweaty again the minute we emerged.  It was hard to imagine throwing a party and thus it became a very low-key event.  Nearly everything had been pre-made/purchased, so the prep involved little more than melting in the heat as we set up the table.  Actually his birthday cake literally melted, #cakewreck.

We kept everything very simple, especially food-wise.  We were camping, so most of the food was store bought.  The kids spent a lot of the afternoon exploring so we went with a variation of the ration packs from this little explorer party, which they carried down into a little dinosaur grotto in the woods.

I whipped up an easy treasure hunt, the final clue leading them to their party favours (some adorable Hello Fallow dinosaur necklaces).  We also had some little eggs that they chipped away at to reveal dinosaur skeletons (purchased at Whitcoulls).  For the rest of the day the just played, while the rest of us huddled under the small amount of shade.  I think this kid needs a pool party next year.

I used some decorations from our stash, including a crate (similar to this one) and some fake grass from Pop Roc Parties.  I also purchased an adorable Meri Meri garland (which seems to be currently out of stock), and some cute fake moss.  These adorable punga trees were the only non-melted cake decorations.  Eleanor completed our setting with some dino illustrations, which were definitely my fave decorations x.

Our campsite was the perfect party location, we used our beat up camp kitchen as a table, and the natural backdrop required no decorating, really.

My family ordered one of these cute bow and arrow sets from Needle & Nail.  So so sweet, and very easy to operate.  It's the first toy kids gravitate towards when they visit our house, and is a top fave with our two.  I'm so looking forward to adding to our Needle & Nail collection *hearteyes*

It was pretty fun having a campsite party.  I can definitely see us doing this again one day.  The heat was killer, but the company was supreme.  One happy little four year old :-)

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