Friday, February 5, 2016

Mooloolaba Drive-by

If I could have one do-over of our trip to Queensland, it would be to spend more time in Mooloolaba.  We stayed several nights, but only managed one drive-by. In the replay version of our trip, I push through the evening weariness and we head down to the beach for fish and chips...

I'm glad we got to see a little of the place, sliding past our car windows.  I was struck by how low-key Mooloolaba felt, having expected something more like GC. It was quiet and there were plenty of quirky Queenslanders (the house kind, fyi).  I don't know what gems are hidden there, but I'm hoping we'll get a chance to find out sometime.  

Have you visited?  Which places are we not allowed to miss, next time?

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