Saturday, February 20, 2016

Quick Review - Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium

I'll keep it brief because everyone already knows Kelly Tarlton's is cool.  I'm also relying on phone pics, which aren't the bestest.  However, KT has become a total fave, following a class camp we took last year.  Last weekend we made a repeat trip with Garland as a belated birthday treat...

First up, that place is EXPENSIVE.  Even with my 'Teachers Free' ticket, and another we'd saved from a cereal box (yes, it's true), for two kids and a grandparent we shelled out over $80.

On the flip side, you totally get your money's worth, imo.  Penguins, museum exhibitions (totally cool ones!  Scott Base replicas, giant squids etc), stingray feeding, seahorses, sharks, turtles and and and.  There's so much.  Eleanor couldn't even decide which part was her fave.  G settled on the crayfish :-P

If you can see past that price, Kelly Tarlton's makes for such a magic outing.  I'm crossing fingers for another school camp this year, because that overnighter was the business.

Cost: Steep
Highlights: Just can't get past the stingray feeding.  Also, turtles.  And penguins.  And... everything.  
Lowlights: During this recent visit we found some of the staff quite rude. We also purchased the activity packs and they didn't bother informing us that we were supposed to collect stamps throughout our visit.  No biggie, but it would've been nice to know...
Expectation vs. Reality:  I guess there are parts of the venue that are a little run down.  There's just so much to see that you barely notice it. 
Worth repeating: Definitely. 
What we'd do differently: Take our time.  We were a little anxious to hit the Northbound road, so we kinda sped through. I'd love to set aside more time and get the most out of the whole thing.  Unlike the zoo, the aquarium isn't huge. It's the kind of place you wanna take a bit slowly and see it all.
There's also a shop right at the end that you'll wanna blindfold your kids as you walk through.  #beenwarned

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