Thursday, February 18, 2016

The shape of our days

The education question looms pretty big for most parents, and so too for us. We took a long time to weigh up the pros and cons and sit with a final decision, and it wasn't a simple one.  Homeschooling was never the big dream, but it was never something I shied away from either.  So we made the call.  Purchased our curriculum.  Set up an at-home classroom...

And then few days before term started, I was offered a new contract at school, and seizing the opportunity to finish (hopefully) my registration, I signed.

So now I find myself a teacher, twice.  My day split between Mainstream and Steiner, data and adventure, classroom and home.  Surprisingly, it's working.  I kinda love the yin and yang.  The challenge of teaching NE the foundations (and throwing in a little Steiner, too), the sweetness of working one-on-one with E.  And yah, I'm already tired, three weeks in.  But it's working.

I'm most grateful for the fact that we found a curriculum that suits us PERfectly.  The opportunity to school her according to a teaching philosophy that I really LOVE was too irresistible (we're using the Waldorf inspired Oak Meadow curriculum).  The lessons are fun, and easy to include Garland in. The planning is simple to follow.  So far - ideal.

Our work/home balance is not dissimilar to the previous two years.  Now their mornings with their Pa have an alphabet focus, and we work on maths, science, social studies, art, music and craft throughout the week.  The rest of our time is for adventures and play dates and extra-curriculars and nana naps.

I know it's not always gonna be this easy.  But for as long as we homeschool, I hope we can keep a little bit of this magic.  This thing feels too good.  Who knew I'd love teaching maths so much?? (It helps that there are gnomes... and jewels!).  Eleanor has never been happier and is starting to investigate the natural world with deeper intent.  It's been magic, so far.

I figure we just embrace this busy, and settle into restful Autumn when it comes.


  1. Its sounds magical!!! What a rich learning experience / environment you are giving your children! Do you think it helps that you're a teacher?? Or can any ol' person do it!? haha

  2. Sounds like an amazing adventure xx