Monday, April 25, 2016

Camping :: Wenderholm Regional Park

It's not all room service and spa baths, yo.  

After spending most of January in our tent, it really began to feel like our second home.  It has taken several years for me to feel any urge to camp - because #babies.  Last summer we eased into it by staying in my Pa's caravan for a couple of weeks.  This year we went all in, and other than the heat, we loooooved it.  I'm a born again camper...

Last month we visited the Puhoi/Wenderholm surrounds, and stayed two nights at Schischka Campground.  It was a very pretty campsite, right up next to the river.  We found a cosy corner that suited our group perfectly, and spent most of the time lazing.  We really should've hit the beach, Wenderholm is so spectacular, but no.  Lazing.  It was a little windy down by the river, but that didn't put the kiddos off, and when they tired of swimming they happily hunted for crabs.

The campsite was lovely, but it def wasn't the major draw card.  It's been quite a few years since we visited Wenderholm, and it was just as beautiful as we remembered.  If you haven't been, I recommend!  A river on one side, a beach on the other, and a beautiful park sandwiched between.

Puhoi is also within short driving distance and that place was ten times more beautiful than I remembered!  Also very popular, but with good reason.  More on that in another post.

Finally, Orewa is worth a little stop-by too.  I'll admit it's not my very favourite of the three locations, but the beach is pretty, and there's a supermarket which is usually a bonus when you're camping (we forgot to pack torches and batteries, because we are silly).

Such a perfect little weekend, I hope we can go back and stay there again sometime.  

Cost: Average I think, $15 per head, $6 for kids, pre-schoolers free
Highlights: Location cannot be beat. 
Lowlights: The park gate closes at 9pm every night, which was pretty annoying on the night of the wedding.  No showers (that we found, anyway), but the ablutions block was very respectable :-)
Expectation vs. Reality:  It was really pretty.  We found a cute spot near the water and it felt sheltered and private.
Worth repeating: Definitely. 
What we'd do differently: Take a group.  Hire kayaks.  Stay longer.

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  1. Looks like a super sweet spot! I tried camping again last year and didn't get the same feeling you did about it but am willing to give it another go this summer if the right situation comes my way. Glad you enjoyed!