Thursday, April 28, 2016

Photo Books :: Book Making Tips!

I know everyone has their own preferences for photobook creating.  For instance, I prefer to create photo books based around each season.  For me, it's much less daunting to approach bookmaking with only X amount of photos to include.  An entire years worth would do me in... With fewer images to work with, I feel freer to add extra pages and give full coverage to special events.  I also like the idea of pulling out a bunch of books ahead of a season, to remind us of all the fun activities that season offers...

However you go about making your books, some of these tips may be of use.  I've made a few now, and have developed my perfect recipe...

  • First up, uploading takes foreverrrr.  Tip // flag all your favourite photos, or create an album on your device before you upload.  This way you won't have to worry about selection during the (boring) upload process (it's harder to select favourites when you're looking at teeny thumbnails - I end up overselecting, which is annoying later).  Most sites let you upload instagram and facebook pics too, so that's handy.  Once your upload has begun, go find something else to do, because you have aaaaaages.  I like to work on two at once, so as I'm nearing completion of one book, I start uploading pics for the next one.  Makes things easy.

  • Creating a vibe for a page can take a little time.  I prefer to have a mixture of portraits and still life/nature shots to give pages a bit of balance.  This is personal preference, but it gives your eyes a chance to rest, and makes the portraits stand out a whole lot more.  I also love giving a rounded sense of the day/occasion.  To jog memories and evoke all the feelz.  For instance, when I look at these pages from our brief visit to GC, I instantly recall the crisp clear morning, sense of adventure, salty air and legit tacky vibe of Surfer's Paradise.  It's the little things ;-)

  • As much as possible, I include quotes, phrases and artwork produced by my kids in that particular time period.  If I don't have many of the above, I'll list some of their favourite things. This also helps if you're finding it hard to narrow down photos.  Some pics aren't quite special enough to include, but they remind me of a game they were into or phase they were going through.  Sometimes it's simpler just to list those things and leave space for the most special images.

  • Still, there will always be a bunch of images that you can't not include but don't quite fit anywhere else.  I reserve a couple of pages, sometimes more for all these leftover images.  I use grid layouts, and as much as I can, work out an arrangement that allows the eye to take in the images without being too overwhelmed.  It's not always possible, but varying scale and colours (incl. b/w), and including images that aren't portraits helps.  I've also done a few grids sticking to a particular colour or theme (swim pics, green toned images), and even arranged them in downward rows of colour, creating a bit of a rainbow.  Anything to help the individual images stand out a little more.

Otherwise, don't be afraid to adjust images sizes, especially with themes that overdo the use of negative space.  Double check your book a few times before ordering (I still missed a typo in one of my books #boooo), and wait for a decent coupon!  If you sign up for Snapfish or Mixbook they will email these on the regular.  You never need to pay full price!

That's it from me.  Do you have any tips to add?


  1. Great tips! I've loved seeing your books on Instagram! I've actually just signed up to mixbook because of you (just this week!) and I'm planning on creating a book in the next few weeks! x

  2. Love your tips! I've done a book just on all our Christmases, and one for each kid on all their birthdays up to a certain point, then one for each birthday party after that. Sometimes I do special anniversaries for hubby, or overseas holidays, or one year I did "adventures". My bookmaking doesn't really follow much rhyme or reason, but I now have a whole shelf full of books I've made over the years xx