Friday, May 20, 2016

Fairytale Theme Party

If you picked up the Autumn copy of OHbaby! magazine, you will have seen this little party, and accompanying details.  This was SO much fun to throw!  The fairytale theme has an abundance of references to draw inspiration from.  We had Rapunzel Plaits, Princess & the Pea Puddings, Fairy Godmother Wands and so many other fun details.

Alice, who is the genius behind that cake, baked the most beautiful cupcakes, and was also responsible for those cute fairy wands.  For me, the cake was the winning element of the party.  The instructions for making it are up on the OHbaby! website, if you want to have a go yourself.

Throwing themed parties is definitely on my list of favourite things, but I must admit I am a little lost without some helpers in the food department.  Anything but the food.  Hence the rather simple offerings at Garland's Dino party (it didn't help that we were camping!).  Alice is amazing, her ideas and abilities.  We may both working too many hours to fit in party collabs anymore, but I sure miss it.

My favourite hand-make for this party, were the illustrated softies.  I was surprised by how easy and quick they were to put together.  We still have the little wolf I made for Eleanor.  Each is backed with gold fabric, in keeping with our colour scheme.  The instructions (which are simple, and probably self-evident) are in the magazine, if you have a copy.

I went for a paper-cut style when I was illustrating the printables.  You can access the invites on the OHbaby! website, where you'll also find the seed packet and food label printables.  I've included the rest of the set at the end of this post.  The bunting was handmade, although I know letter bunting like this is easy enough to come by if you don't have the heart for all that scissoring.

These cupcake crowns were another easy and cute project, and now double as doll crowns.  Perfect!  Alice whipped up these pumpkins and mice, below.  Aren't they adorable?!  The instructions are here on the OHbaby! website.

Our party games were very simple.  We had a treasure hunt for a golden egg (Jack and the Beanstalk ref), and storytelling via a visiting king.  Otherwise, they played with balloons and grazed at the treat table.  I gathered together the party favours in a golden treasure sack for them to take home, along with a softie each.

I wish I had more time for party planning.  I especially love hand-making all the decorations and little favours.  I think I might have to start planning one anyway.  A just for fun, middle of winter one.  Hmmmmm....