Friday, May 13, 2016

Pretty Puhoi

I last visited Puhoi when I was about 12.  We took the Puhoi River kayak trip and stopped in at the village just long enough for a picnic, before heading home.  I barely had memories the town, and felt no pressing desire to stop in again.  When our lovely friends picked Puhoi as their wedding reception spot, we had the opportunity to spend a (very) little time here again, and we were charmed.

I take it that Puhoi is far more popular these days, and it's not hard to see why.  The township is SO pretty!  Cute buildings everywhere, lush trees, and the sleepy slow Puhoi River dotted with kayakers. We stopped in for coffee at the cheese factory, which served the most delicious ice-cream and fro-yo.  Seriously, so good.

I'm really tempted to book our extended family in for a kayak trip, and explore the village a little more.  It's so easy to bypass Puhoi in the rush to reach the North, but I think we need to schedule a longer visit.  If you're looking for a quiet, charming pit stop on your journey towards the North, I highly recommend a visit to Puhoi.  And most definitely treat yo' self to some Puhoi Valley ice-cream!

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