Thursday, June 30, 2016

'Bee and Me' - Alison Jay

'Bee and Me' - Illustrated by Alison Jay

We may be pretty wary of bee stings around here, but knowing and understanding bee business is really important to our family.  While some activities are off-limits (like watching our bee-keeping mates extract honey, *sniff sniff*), we like to educate our kids about all the important work our honey bees do.

'Bee and Me' therefore, is a very special addition to our library.  Not only is it beautiful (gold foil lettering myeyesarehearts) it contains such an important message for our babies.  Take care of our bees, and they will take care of us.  You know, in a roundabout you-stay-in-your-corner-I'll-stay-in-mine kinda way.  The story is cute (awww, quirky friendship!) and powerful (how to: saving the environment).  From a teacher-y perspective, there are loads of cool activities to follow the sharing of this book!

A picture book with no text, and filled with such gorgeous illustrations!  My kids will pore over this book for a good long time, telling their own versions of the story and requesting that we share ours.  These kinds of picture books are always so much fun, and often our very favourites.  It's hard to get sick of a story that's a little different every single time!  Plus, there are so many cool little details, it's easy enough to come up with an entirely new story based on those...

Many thanks to Walker Books for sending us this cute book, and to Alison Jay for her cool imagination.

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