Friday, June 24, 2016

:: Sea ::

Autumn was pretty quiet this year.  There weren't too many adventures, other than the regular two-hour trips we took for Eleanor's Bee Venom Immunotherapy.  #muchfun.  But just as winter started to close in, my morning sickness (!!) eased up and we hit the beach and the forest for some treasure hunting.  A couple of times I even took my camera, yuss!


This particular visit was all about collecting different seeds (during our walk to), and hunting for animal tracks.  I can't say we found many of the latter, though our cat followed us all the way down, so we counted his.  We tend to keep an eye out wherever we go now, and they've spotted some more interesting tracks since.

Homeschooling was a particular struggle during this first pregnancy trimester, as expected.  But we got through, and miraculously some learning still happened.  It helps that she's very much an independent learner, confident enough in reading and writing to carry on when I lose the thread.

One of the things I love most about homeschooling is the flexibility of our schedule.  We have a routine, for sure, but it's fun to break out of it whenever it suits.  Nothing like heading to the beach on a windy day with storm looming, and not one single EOTC form in sight.  The outdoors classroom is definitely our fave.

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  1. Either I missed something in a previous post somewhere or you just slipped in that pregnancy announcement very casually - congratulations!