Friday, July 1, 2016

:: Forest ::

I would love to get hold of a book that will help us identify plants.  Edible ones, medicinal ones and poisonous ones.  For now we're making do with my rudimentary knowledge.  Collecting the ones I know and ignoring the ones I don't.  If you know of such a book, hit me up with a title!

Watercress is an easy one and fun to collect because it involves playing in the river.  We could've spent a lot longer up here.  There is some lovely fine silt that they love playing in.  There's also a bigger adventure waiting around the river bend, but that's one for summertime and bare feet.

We're just doing the gumboots and mud thing for now...

p.s. Adorable bunny bonnets by Heartfelt.  I'm such a fan, and have a matching bonnet waiting for baby...

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  1. The Johanna Knox book is good, i think its called a foragers compendium? I'll look when I get home