Friday, July 29, 2016

'Goodnight Everyone' - Chris Haughton

'Goodnight Everyone' - Chris Haughton

Big Bear and the other animals are sleepy and ready for bed, but Little Bear isn't tired yet.  Basically. A simple premise and a very cute little book.  The kind you would read in a really nice slow voice to make everyone feel suitably sleepy.

The illustrations!!  I love Haughton's style and his bright, bold, retro colours.  I also adore the subtle way he catches the vibes of each animal.  I know that Little Bear, with berry bright eyes when everyone else has drooping eyelids.  I have one of those, she's the one sitting up in bed asking for word definitions, when her parents have settled in for the next episode of Mad Men.

I really mean it when I say this is a short and simple story.  Perfect for the littlie whose attention span is still limited.  Perfect too, for those nights when a slow, singsong reading of a short tale is exactly what everyone needs.

This sweet story is available now through Walker Books and all good bookstores.

Many thanks to Walker Books for providing us with a review copy :-)

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