Thursday, July 7, 2016

Holidays is Here!

Holla if you're excited about the school holidays!  #iam.  Okay, so it's maybe a little different.  For me, holidays mean NO work, NO homeschool and plenty of sleepy lazy mornings.  My kids are probs gonna fight and go monster crazy at times, but that's like, normal life.

I've been counting down the days for... days, but I'll completely understand if you haven't.  We can def still be friends.

We're now heading away on our annual midwinter break, and were much appreciative of this bundle of stationery sent our way, courtesy of Kmart.  I always plan a few fun little surprises for the kids when we go away on holiday.  Stickers, coloured pencils, that kind of thing.  I keep them stashed away and pull them out item by item whenever the need arises.  It doesn't always take much to turn a mood around, and sometimes a self-inking stamp is where it's at.  

These items are fun, and a little different for us, and right up our alley.  For instance, I have thus far deprived our kids of glitter pens for no fathomable reason, and I know they are gonna go ape!  The pencils with animal head erasers will be ever so popular with our mini novelist, and who doesn't love post-its??!?  Garland goes to town on post-its.  They're cooler than bubblegum, #fact.

(Let's not even mention those mini erasers, okay?  They are my new reward system, because they're the cutest thing ever and imma make these kids earn them). 

If your kids are looking for something to spend their $5 worth of saved up pocket money (please tell me I'm not the only one who's that stingy!), or you just need some boredom busters for the holidays, all of these cute items can be found at Kmart and most for under $10.  I'm figuring this loot will buy me maybe three sleep-ins and an hour or two of internet time.  In parent speak that's some serious currency right there.  Additionally, I've set aside some fresh story books and a fully charged ipod with new-to-them audio books... Yeah.  The Holidays...

Items in this post were complimentary, via Kmart.  All opinions and ramblings are my own, in case that's not apparent enough ;-)  P.s. All hyperlinks will take you to the Aus store, so prices need to be converted to NZD.  

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  1. KMart is the best for keeping the kids entertained! My job is only during school holidays tutoring cupcake decorating for kids, but I still have some fun time planned with my boys and a very special fourth birthday too! We were lucky enough to win Mister Maker tickets and we are going to the museum and The Antarctic Centre too.