Friday, July 22, 2016

Homeschool Field Trip: Farm Visit

A few weeks back we visited the lifestyle farm of a friend of ours.  The kids have been listening to Dick King-Smith's 'Sophie' stories, so farms, on any scale, held quite a bit of appeal.  Some of our homeschool group made the trip too, despite the gloomy weather.  Last term was pretty quiet when it came to homeschool outings (we made up for it in the holidays).  I think we'll have to up our game a little this term.

Ali's farm might be little, but it's packed with fun.  There's a bridge, for starters.  We had an impromptu lesson about bees, fed one of the cows and cuddled (or chased) chickens.  Garland is a legit terror to our feathered friends.   

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