Wednesday, July 20, 2016

'Shapes at Play' and 'Shapes, Reshape!' - Sylvia Borando

'Shapes at Play' and 'Shapes, Reshape!' by Sylvia Borando

This was our first time introduction to Sylvia Borando, and what fun books!  Simple, cute and clever. They are targeted at younger readers, and Garland was especially drawn to them - they'll also be perfect for days when my wee nephew is visiting!

'Shapes at Play' introduces three different shapes and some great vocabulary for younger bubbas.  As the title suggests, the shapes want to play and so they team together to create all kinds of new shapes.  At times the text becomes quite lyrical, consistently introducing descriptive and positional words, all the while matched with simple and sweet illustrations of shapes having a whole bunch of fun.

'Shapes, Reshape!' is the next level of shapey cuteness!  Readers are given clues to help guess what the shapes will make (apparently still fun to guess, even when they know what's coming!), and count down to the finale, a very cute (and surprising) new creature.  I think this is my favourite of the two. The stacks of shapes ready to reshape are cool, and very handy for recreating the images (NE classroom activity, much?!), and animals are super cute.

Both books lead perfectly into easy and educational shape activities, using paper, card, blocks or whatever you have on hand.  Both my two would enjoy recreating some of these images, and better still, creating their own... and hey, we have a whole bunch of post-it notes that are just waiting to be used! #boom.

'Shapes at Play' and 'Shapes, Reshape!' (for ages 0-4) were released by Walker Books on 1st July, so go check them out.

Thank you so much to Walker Books for providing my kiddos with such sweet little books.  All opinions are my own :-)

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