Friday, September 30, 2016

Book Review :: My Dad Used to Be so Cool by Keith Negley

"Did your dad used to be cool? Wondering what happened to his rock band playing, skateboarding days?"

First and foremost, I LOVE the illustrations for this book!  I'd have any of them as wall prints in my house.  The repeat pattern guitars are 👌.  It's a beautiful book no doubt about it, with thick, matte pages boasting these bold, retro illustrations.   I'm a big fan of the muted primaries colour scheme, and intend to steal it for an upcoming kiddo birthday party, yuss!

Text-wise, this book is on the briefer side of things which is all good.  We all need a nice concise bedtime book every now and then!  The illustrations definitely take the starring role, and they're cleverly composed in a way that adds depth to the story.  Words and images forming the perfect story-telling team ✒ ✏ 💏 💯.

I really don't want to take any issue with such a perfectly packaged book, however I do struggle a little with the premise of the story.  I guess there are plenty of young kids who would critique their parents in terms of coolness, it just doesn't sit well with me.  The book seems to speak to that sense of identity loss that can come with parenting, and I do get the impression this would be a fun read for many parents.  I just wonder if the message is a helpful one for little listeners.

Have a look for yourself and see what you think!  You may just find yourself won over by the beautiful images, it's hard not be...

Available now through Walker Books and all good books stores.

Review copy kindly supplied by Walker Books.

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