Sunday, September 25, 2016

Doll Ergobaby

I've been thinking about making a couple of doll-sized ergobaby carriers forever.  It felt so good finally to whip this one up!  I'm sure there are a bunch of online tutorials available, but that's not really my style.  Instead I gathered supplies, did a bit of guessing and pinning and cutting, and came up with this one.

The clip belt totally makes it IMO.  I just ordered some inexpensive bum bags from trademe and cut the belts off.  So simple and very effective.  And you know, ergonomic and all that, heh.

It's not perfect, but it looks cute on!  This one is actually for my niece, who is baby-mad.  She's on her way to France as we speak and I thought this would be a fun addition for her trip.  Eleanor is dead keen on one, and I did have in mind to make Garland one too, but actually this was quite an intensive project - it didn't take forever but there were lots of fiddly bits.  I think they can share, after all.  

The little baby bag was a total whip up.  I really wanted to get it all finished in one go, but I was pretty tired.  It's very simple and there were a couple of little sewing mishaps, but the fabric is super cute and it's filled with everything a little bubba could need.  I didn't get a pic of the contents, but I basically split one of these packs in half and added a doll sized towel and facecloth.

This pocket was made using a test swatch of Spoonflower fabric I ordered forever ago.  Spoonflower is the best!  So cool to be able to add some of your illustrations to a gift.

I'm hoping to work on Eleanor's one soon, along with other handmade gifts.  My maternity leave is juuuuust around the corner and I have many plans...

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  1. Oh Stella it's awesome! So cool for the little kids to have a baby carrier for when their little sibling is born too! :) xxx