Friday, September 9, 2016

Sweet Mother's Kitchen - Wellington

Sweet Mother's Kitchen in Wellington has been on my to-visit list forever.  We really had to battle fatigue to get ourselves there, but I'm glad we did.  It was a nice, easy-going way to finish our little adventure.

The restaurant was super family-friendly.  We had a booth, which is perfect seating when you have squirming pre-schoolers.  The atmosphere was bright, fun, and casual enough to be very relaxing.  It was a good balance for our guys.

There is a decent range of options for kids meals.  Having said that, they weren't especially healthy options.  I wish I'd ordered them tacos, because fried chicken and curly fries aren't my personal preference for kiddo food.  They really only ate the fries and a couple of cheesy quesadillas, in the end.  Kids menus are enticingly well priced, but in future I think I'll go for healthier entrees instead.

I ordered fish tacos, which were disappointingly flavourless.  I had really high expectations, hoping for something along the lines of the tacos we tried at Mamacita's in Havelock North (I still dream about them).  Zan tried the gumbo, and decided he's not a huge fan.  So really, the food was a bit of a disappointment all round.  I'd definitely give them the benefit of the doubt though, and try some different options next time.  All those great reviews can't be for nothing!

Average meals aside, we had a great evening, and it sure beat eating cereal out of mugs back at the hotel!  If you've been, which meals do you recommend?

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