Saturday, October 22, 2016

Homeschool Field Notes

We had another homeschool field trip a few weeks ago, while it was still cool enough to wear woolens.  We were supposed to be observing 'pond life', but all we came across was a spider.
Def no beavers or snakes #Americancurriculum.  Speaking of curriculum, we've been checking out next year's syllabus (2nd Grade) and it looks fun!  I've been looking at the Kindergarten one too which looks utterly adorable!  Super tempted...

I'm slowly putting together a post with some of the resources we've found useful this year (not just for homeschoolers).  Some we have come across only recently, and are awesome supplements to our syllabus.  The Oak Meadow syllabus is already full, but because it's all one-on-one we get through most of it very quickly, and there's always time for supplementary activities.

As far as the curriculum itself goes, we're very happy with it.  It's very in line with my experience of Steiner Education, and has a slower, natural pace to it that works perfectly for us.  Prior to our decision to homeschool, Eleanor had already spent nearly six months in school and had picked up reading already, but we chose not to skip over the first grade alphabet activities because a) they're lovely and b) I actually wanted to slow her down a little and make sure the foundations were really strong.

The curriculum is very nature-oriented - a huge drawcard for us.  There is also a lot of art, craft, music and storytelling.  I ended up incorporating some of the activities into my classroom teaching, and they worked perfectly there too.  In fact, the course books are great resources for a mainstream classroom, if/when I go back to it...

There are still gaps I'd like to fill, and will try and work those out better next year.  Learning Te Reo is a big priority for us, and we haven't gotten very far this year.  We're super looking forward to visiting a Steiner School fair next month, I'm anticipating #nostalgia and have talked it up pretty good.  Next year I'm hoping we can tag along to some more seasonal festivals so these guys get an even fuller Steiner experience. 

I'll be back in a bit with a review of a super cute book x

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  1. Sounds like you've got a really good thing going on. I'm teaching part time at a bi-ligual school at the mo so I'll be sure to let you know if I come across good apps, websites for teaching Te Reo - so stoked you're making sure that's in there too xxx