Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Book Review :: Angel Star

"Angel Star written by Chris Sanders symbolises a new era of Children’s storybook writing using adult contemporary music inter-twined with simple beautiful lyrics that will resonate in the heart of every child.Modern day nursery rhymes that all the family will enjoy singing and reading today and for generations to come."

We were recently sent a copy of Angel Star, a book and CD combo written by kiwi based author and singer-songwriter, Chris Sanders, with beautiful illustrations by Kat Merewether.

Essentially a song, Angel Star just also happens to have a book form.  Pretty fun for the little guys! The story follows a small child who chooses a star to become her new sibling, then bringing it on a sweet little journey home to it's new family.  Such a lovely imagining for young children preparing for a new addition (as my two are).

Both Eleanor and Garland were swept away by the story and immediately memorized the lyrics to the song.  I'll admit I wasn't quite up to repeat plays, but listening to them sing their hearts out is always pretty adorable.  Safe to say the song and story definitely reach their target audience!

The illustrations are soft and very appealing, drawn in a nightscape that sets the tone for bedtime.  Merewether is the award-winning author and illustrator behind the Kuwi the Kiwi series, so this one is worth checking out for all Kuwi fans!

It's always so lovely to add NZ originals to our book collection!  Even cooler, proceeds from the presales of this book were donated to Child Matters, a charitable trust working towards the prevention of child abuse.  Tautoko!

Angel Star is available for purchase now, just check out their website.

Review copy kindly sent by Angel Star Publishing House

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