Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Book Review :: Pandora by Victoria Turnbull

Pandora - Written and illustrated by Victoria Turnbull

"A great picture story book with an environmental message.  This is a stunning fable of hope and regeneration from critically acclaimed artist Victoria Turnbull."

Pandora is a beautiful, sad and ultimately hopeful story.  The title character lives alone, surrounded by broken things with which she builds her little life.  When an injured bird appears, Pandora finally has a friend, and a purpose.  Eventually the bird leaves, but the gifts of seeds and hope left behind, transform Pandora's grey world into one that is beautiful.

While the text is kept to a minimum, there is plenty of story to be read in the detailed illustrations. Pandora is conveyed so endearingly, her vibrancy helping to lift the grey tone the story initially opens with. There's a strong conservation message depicted in stark imagery of consumer waste, countered by Pandora's very practical upcycling, and the beautiful regeneration of nature towards the end of the book.

Pandora is available now, and would make a beautiful gift - the hardback cover is in gold-sheened satin, too pretty!

Review copy kindly provided by Walker Books

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