Friday, November 11, 2016

Steiner School Fair

The Michael Park School Fair was a big deal when we were kids and I knew our guys would have such a great time there. We've been trying to make it there for a few years now, but the timing has never worked.  All good, because it felt perfect taking them this year.  The ideal way to round off our first year of Waldorf (inspired) homeschooling, and put aside some specially focused time with them before the bubba arrives.

The Fair is all about the games.  I was stoked to see that many of my childhood favourites were still up and running this year.  The Dragon and the Fairy Queen were highlights in our day, and turns out SAME for Eleanor and Garland.  Of course, it's all about the stalls too - and they were awesome this year!  So many gorgeous handmade toys.

We took some friends along and one said she felt like she was in the Shire.  Yuss!  There is def a medieval vibe to these fairs, fo' sho'.  

We didn't manage to cover everything - but between them their sesame tickets (those slips of paper around their necks) afforded them: a visit inside the dragon and to the Fairy Queen, fishing, treasure hunting, a visit to the Fairy Cafe (children only), feeding the clucky hen, a lucky dip toy, and a run around the obstacle course (with the giant toadstools - so cute!).  

Most activities finish with some sort of cute prize.  The Fairy Queen distributes a wand and crown, while a gnome inside the dragon gives each child a 'dragon's tooth' that looks 100% similar to a pointed piece of amethyst ;-).  Garland was super stoked to receive a pirate treasure map and gold painted rock piece of treasure, which has already been used in many games since.

Eleanor visited the Children's Bazaar and chose the sweetest little baby doll, which had me all #swoon.  We missed the Knights Joust - kids were not keen (maybe next year - it's so flippin' cute!), candle dipping, unicorn ride and the outdoor classroom activities.  Plus maybe a bunch of other things because there was so much.  Heaps more than I remember.  

A big highlight was bumping into the lovely Dee, and (most of) her gorgeous babies.  I also met Sam, one of the creators behind The Elves and the Woodbotherer which was SO nice!  Both ladies are the makers of some seriously beautiful doll babies, and their partners create lush wooden toys.  My little bubba has a beaut Needle & Nail doll waiting on it's bed, now accompanied by a gorgeous Mushroom Hat baby from The Elves and the Woodbotherer stand.  Too cute!  If you're in Auckland today, go and visit both stalls at the General Collective market, because - amazing.

Best fun, watching the kids enjoy the heck out of everything.  I don't know that we'll make it every year, but welllllll worth it when we do!

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