Thursday, December 15, 2016

Book Review :: The Hamster Book by Silvia Borando

The Hamster Book - Silvia Borando

"If you have always wanted a pet, but your parents have never let you ... this is the book for you. Because, inside the pages of this book, your new hamster awaits. Isn’t she cute?" 

What an adorable little book this is!  I think interactive books are so much fun (Help, The Wolf is Coming is another fave), and The Hampster Book is especially cute.

Silvia Borando is clever (these books were hits in our house too), turning a simple idea into something so playful and just plain sweet!  This little critter requires constant attention, there's work to do, peeps!  Illustration-wise it's all kept very simple and to the point.  This is all about the little hamster pet, y'all, and she's pretty cute!

The target range for The Hamster Book is 3+ but I would definitely try this one out on younger readers too.  I'm looking forward to reading this with my 18mo nephew, I know he'll love it.  Reading interactive books with little ones is such a fun way to bond, and to teach too.  #winwin

Due for release Jan 5th, so keep your eye out!

Review copy kindly provided by Walker Books

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