Saturday, December 17, 2016

Just Now

December!  You are melting away like mid summer butter.  Our days have been blurry-edged.  Messes and napping and feeding and visits.  We've hidden inside, and occasionally ventured out (more than we probably needed too, but it's that season).  We've been so lovestruck that Christmassy traditions have fallen by the wayside and no one has minded.  We've had some bummer days, but looking back these past four weeks still seem perfect.  Our guy is here, and he's perfect.

 Thinking :: About what 2017 will look like for us.  I want 2017 to feel real good.  I want to clear out the uncool stuff and focus on the real stuff.
Drinking :: Nursing tea and also coffee!  Huzzah!
Reading :: Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

Watching :: The Crown + Parks & Recreation
Eating :: The first tomatoes from our garden.  And the first peas, courgettes and carrots.
Dreaming :: Of caravan ownership #newyearsgoal

 Listening to :: Jimi Hendrix because he's Garland's current fave.
Planning :: An end of summer camping trip.
Anticipating :: Our first swim

Basically we're being totally homebodies, snuggling this creature and living like sloths (believe me).  I'm really into it.  Life can stay like this for a while.  We're good.

NB. I had nothing to do with these cute houses. Grateful to the Aunties who made it happen.  So, traditions being upheld, but only juuuuust.

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