Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Free Printable :: Weekly Planner

Click on the image to download :-)

Happy Wednesday!  Here's a little beginning-of-term freebie I put together for y'all (and me).  I always start out with all the best intentions to stay super organised.  Who knows if this will stick.  I haven't purchased a diary this year - until they design a planner that holds only the months of January and February, it's all a bit pointless.  Anyway, we do need to keep track of things somehow.  For instance, I completely forgot a super important medical appointment, just last week, eeep!  

I wish I had a more perfectly sized frame but with the closest store 45mins away, we #makedo.  We've got it sitting on our hutch, reminding us of this weeks biz.  Need a better pen tho', for sure.  The planner prints a little darker than these images show, just fyi.

Coolio.  Happy

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