Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gemstone Party Printables

Using a drawing tablet hasn't ceased to be fun for me, and I hope to use it even more this year. My skill level is elementary so there will always be flaws aplenty, but I loooove this part of party planning.  It's one little creative job that I can still complete while breastfeeding, yuss!  

For Eleanor's Gemstone Party I made up printable invites, wrapping paper, bunting, food labels and a cake topper.  On a real note, I rarely send out birthday invites.  I think it's really nice to do so and they are sweet keepsakes, but I'm just not that organised.  The invites I made up for this party ended up simply being a creative project to share with y'all, since I never sent them out in time.

Ahead of this party I ordered a roll of gold vinyl from Vinyl Home, and it was super easy to work with. The smallest amount is very effective and I'll for sure be using it for future projects. Beforehand I was nervous that once placed, the vinyl would be stuck for good.  I became super conscious of placing it perfectly, however found it to be quite movable in the end.  It sometimes did lift a little of the paper/ink, so care is required, but I didn't have to be too precious.  Yuss.  I prefer to craft lazily so that suited me juuuuuust fine.

For the next invite I played around with glitter and jewels.  I'm guessing this second version would be the most fun for a child to receive, though I prefer the look of the first ^.  Glitter will always be a favourite.  I think I've already explained the magpie thing... 

I made up a sheet of repeat pattern geodes and gems, just for fun.  I used it to line the inside of the envelopes, but it would work as wrapping paper or for scrapbooking or any other creative use you can come up with.  

The gold vinyl came in handy for the gemstone bunting too.  Again, just the tiniest slivers of gold made these gems look pretty. 

It was a little difficult to catch on film, but they were very twinkly.  If you do use this printable, don't forget to print it on thicker cardstock.

Finally, the cake topper.  Again, glitter and jewels > it was prettttttty fun constructing all these printables!  I'm always in favour of a good cake topper, since sadly it seems I'll never be that cool mum who is able to create pretty birthday cakes.  

If you do use any of these printables, please share a pic on my facebook page, or tag me on instagram.  I'd love to see how others use them! Click here for more Gemstone party posts xxx

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