Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gemstone Party

Eleanor's Gemstone party was an unashamed sugar-fest, making me both the most popular and the least popular, depending who you asked.  Just as we did for her 6th birthday, we invited two of her besties over for dessert and indulged in all the treats.  No child complained.

In a first for me, I took on all the food making myself.  Actually, lies.  Those beautiful pastel gemstone cookies were made from scratch by a clever friend.  I did make the cake (which is why... it is...), and almost all the other sweets.  We had geode cake pops, chocolate jewels, handmade lollipops, jem jelly and both gemstone and geode cookies.   I have a post coming up with some details for those, including links to tutorials.

So making the food is never my fave bit - I will always outsource if I can, but creating party printables and decorations is always fun for me!  This year I made this gemstone bunting, and added gold vinyl and glitter to each gem/geode.  They looked super pretty in person, and I had way too much fun making them.

We also decorated with a set of wooden gems, handmade by my sister (whose adorable wooden toys can be found here on felt).  With those and pastel-hued food, we didn't really need anything more.

We used cute plates from Pop Roc Parties (similar to these), and I also purchased these cool gold straws because like I said, Magpie.  I'll include all my foodie sources in the next post, but if you are wondering about anything in particular, just leave a question in the comment section :-).

Eleanor declared this to be her best, best party ever.  I was both surprised and relieved.  I was a *little* stressed on the morning of the party, trying to get all these little treats plated in time.  These two hovered in the kitchen wanting to try everything and, well, I'm glad she chose not to remember how all the grumps.

I have a couple more posts to come, including some basic instructions for a simple party activity (below).  Then I need to get my head into organising Garland's birthday, coming up real soon!

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