Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Glittery Party Favour Bags

Waaaay back in October we held a Gemstone theme party for Eleanor's 7th.  It was super fun to plan for, all the glitter and gems in the world!  I decided to gift the kiddos some gemstone soaps - tutorial found here.  Definitely the most labour-intensive element of the party planning.  Also the most fun, once I got the hang of it.  I purchased some simple cotton bags from Pop Roc Parties to hold the soaps, but couldn't just leave them plain.  So.  Glitter.

There was no real planning beforehand for these, just a fine-tipped sharpie pen, some craft glue and loads of glitter.  I also happened to have a bunch of mini gemstones (found on ebay) left over from Eleanor's Mermaid Party.  Totally perf.

The soaps may have been the actual favour, but I hope our little guests continue to store treasure in these bags.  I'm sorta tempted to glue glitter and gems to everything now, because I'm a magpie who wishes to feather my nest with shiny things...

More on this party soon!

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