Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gemstone Party Food

I'm currently in full-swing planning mode for Garland's Space party, and have no clue what food we'll be serving.  We had a last minute theme change (back to Plan A), which makes things easier in a bunch of ways, but I still haven't come up with a menu yet.  Planning the table spread can be the most fun, an opportunity to be full-scale silly and inventive, but I'm really drawing blanks. 

I set out to make Eleanor's party treats on my own-some this time.  I was super pregnant and grumpy (cool combination!), so there were some angry times in the kitchen #believeit.  There were some EPIC kitchen fails.  Epic.  It was... ugly.  Luckily a beloved friend stepped in on day 2 and things started to go smoothly from there.  We made:

Geode Cookies - These were just vanilla cookies (store-bought), iced and decorated with rock candy and gold chocolate rocks from Crazy Candies.  Easy and a crowd pleaser.  In fact, these were unplanned accident, but in a surprise twist of fate, the good kind.

Geode Cake Pops - These tricky numbers were the cause of many sad face emojis in my party kitchen.  Suffice to say, cake pops in general (amongst other things) aren't my forte, but cake icing is like the bandaid of baking so we got there in the end.  Tutorial found here.

Gem Jellies -  Another idea borrowed from the internet.  They didn't look half as pretty as I wanted, but they were easy, problem free and Garland has requested a repeat for his party.  Galaxy Jellies it is!  Tutorial found here.

Crystal Pops -  I actually thought this would be the idea that didn't work out, but it was okay.  I took the idea from those stained glass window cookies that were trendy when I was a kid.  The lollipop sticks were purchased from Kiwi Cakes and can not be placed in the oven, fyi.  The instructions said as much, but I also double-checked just to make sure, and yes, the instructions are definitely correct. 😬

Keen to DIY your own lollipops?  You'll just need some hardboiled lollies, lollipop sticks (kebab sticks would work fine) and some waxed baking paper.

Use a rolling pin to crush the sweets, then mound them on the baking paper, mixing the colours to your preference.  Melt for just a few minutes  and then remove them from the oven.  The candy will totally spread to at least double the size it started so bear that in mind.  As soon as they're out of the oven, place lollipop sticks into the candies and allow them to harden.  I added a little edible glitter to mine too!

There's no way that I can think of to be precise with these.  They are messy and fun and kids will think you are a magician for making your own lollipops.  We are soooo making galaxy ones.  Which means that over the course of writing this post I'm already halfway there with my food planning.  2 Birds = killed.
That sounded way darker than I thought it would.

The rest of our food was either storebought, or crazy simple to make (gem shaped fairy bread + white chocolate gems, using a silicon mould).  Melody made the adorable gem cookies from scratch, too cute!  I wouldn't even trust myself to bake cookies, so thank goodness for her...

I did bake and decorate the cake myself, and as you can see I relied on all the props...

I'll put the party printables up as soon as I've put all the files together, which might not be that soon, but fingers crossed!  Now I'm gonna go print some NASA badges off and get real prepped for a Space party yo!

Source list:
Rock candy
Chocolate rocks
Pink fondant
Lollipop sticks
Edible glitter
Gem handled forks

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  1. the drinks look awesome. how did you make them