Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kids DIY :: Nail Varnish Geodes

We needed an easy DIY craft activity for Eleanor's Gemstone party, and I came up with this simple and silly project.  The idea was for them to create their own geodes, and use up my old nail polish at the same time.  We flagged the activity in the end, since the kids were so busy playing already (and as they say, don't try to make a happy kid happy).  I had fun trialling the idea though, and decided to share it anyway.

Along with old nail polish (the gluggy stuff seemed to work best and dried fastest), I threw some glitter on too.  They make cute paper weights, or garden decorations (and the polish won't wash off in the rain), and there's little mess to be cleaned up afterwards.  Having said that, lay down newspaper, or better yet, work on these outdoors - because nail polish.

Geodes or no, nail polish is a fun medium to use for little projects like this.  I'm thinking we may end up making some more of these today, since it's sunny out and everyone's on holiday. x

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