Sunday, February 12, 2017

Space Party

Hurrah!  The baby slept some last night!  I feel *almost* like a regular person today, and in celebration of that fact I'm posting some stuff!  

Garland's birthday fell right in the centre of the most whirlwind time.  New baby, summer holidays, all the friends and family... Just... all the things.  A few weeks ahead of his party, Zan quietly suggested that while Garland had agreed to a beach party (coz, summer), he was secretly still hankering after a space party.  I was feeling all the post-baby-don't-leave-the-other-kids-out feels, so I felt I had to pull something out and make this party happen. 

I'm not gonna lie, I did love the challenge.  I immediately started making some party printables, ordered some cute stuff from Pop Roc Parties, and dug out all the spacey things I could find.  We stuck mainly to traditional party food - cocktail sausages, popcorn, fruit kebabs etc, and I made up astronaut packs with Mars bars, Crunchees and Milky Way bars for fun.  We had soda water and milk, galaxy jellies, mini donuts (UFO's), mini pavlovas (Moon Cakes) and scroggin (least popular by a mile).  I decorated some cookies to look like the galaxy and I was and am, total smug about how cute they turned out.  

I had initially planned a moon cake, but saw this Boston bun in the supermarket and was like, um, perfect!  So I made a Mars cake instead, and that was pretty fun. We had these candles from Pop Roc Parties, and I added this Space Shuttle from Toyco as a cake topper.  

Pin the Martian game

Party Favours, tutorial to come

I used black cloth as a back drop and decorated with this oversized moon I used in the classroom a few years ago (it looks like they've changed the design a little).  I also hung a bunch of cute starry balloons from Pop Roc Parties, and of course these space printables.  I do wish I'd printed out two lots and double-sided them.  It was pretty hard to get these pics.

I had the MOST fun making ID badges for all the kiddos, and I'll include the template when I post all the printables for you.  

We played Pin the Martian on Jupiter ('cause turns out Mars was too small for our party numbers...) and Pass the Parcel.  But the total absolute hundred percent highlight was when my brother-in-law dressed up as a froggy alien, and chased them around the lawn while they pelted him with water balloons.  It was everyone's favourite bit.  Hilaire.

I'll be back with printables and a simple tutorial soon.  Peace out x

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