Friday, March 17, 2017

Book Review :: Penguin by Polly Dunbar

Penguin - 10th Anniversary edition - Written and illustrated by Polly Dunbar

"A penguin turns out to be the perfect present in this beautiful 10th anniversary edition of an award-winning classic."

Why have I never come across this little cutie before?? It's adorbs!  I immediately recognised Dunbar's illustrations of course (we have Down the Back of the Chair).  She's a multi award-winning talent!  🙌

As you can see, Ben and Penguin are adorable book characters, perfectly epitomising that intense relationship between toddlers and their favourites, be it friend or pet or toy.  Nothing cuter than this type of fierce love.  Dunbar does such a cute job of expressing it too!  The twist at the end is 👌.  The pages in Penguin aren't over-crowded with words and imagery, making this a perfect read for the little ones.  Having said that, Eleanor (at 7) still enjoyed this, and thought it was pretty funny!

Penguin -10th Anniversary edition is available now (if you don't have it on your bookshelf already).

Review copy kindly provided by Walker Books Aus

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