Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mangonui - Northland

So I figured out why half of New Zealand heads up the East Coast of Northland as soon as summer hits.  It's super pretty, that's why!  Mangonui is like, the peachiest, perfect, pretty seaside town.

We didn't stay all that long.  After gorging on fish and chips at the renowned Mangonui Fish Shop (yum but super spendy) we walked off our full pukus' along the waterfront.  There are some beachy vibe stores, though nothing tempted us, and plenty of cute, old buildings to look at. The heritage trail looked interesting, but everyone was kinda done by that stage (we'd earlier stopped at the very beautiful Matauri Bay).

Definitely worth the visit and we'll 100% be back.


  1. I also remember that we received pretty average service from the fish and chip shop when we went there - hopefully they usually do better than they did with us. Such a pretty place

  2. So glad I found your site. Would love to visit there. Thanks for sharing.
    Like your site but I have been a avid reader all my life. Made it my priority that our children would be be also. Also enjoy painting,crafts and sewing. Your site covers it all.