Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Book Review :: Poor Louie by Tony Fucile

Poor Louie - Tony Fucile

"Poor Louie! Life is perfect for this pup until Mum’s belly starts getting bigger..."

This is a really sweet story, especially for anyone whose fur baby has had to make space for a real baby.  We haven't gone through that agony, but our real life babies loved Louie.  In fact, he made them pretty anxious for a lil' puppy (not gonna happen, lol).  I can see why they feel that way.  The illustrations are incredibly sweet and it's pretty hard not to fall a little bit in love with that woe-begone chihuahua.

If you're looking for cute books to prep your little one for a new family member, Poor Louie is definitely worth considering.  Sharing attention can be a big hurdle for little people, and dog or no, Louie has a relatable tale.   As an added bonus, this is an enjoyable read for the adults too.  I pretty much dare you to pick up a copy and NOT love Louie!  Srsly.  Try not to.

Review copy provided by Walker Books

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