Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Review :: Waiting for Goliath by Antje Damm

Waiting for Goliath - Antje Damm

"Bear waits patiently for his friend. The robins fly to the south and the first snow falls. When Bear awakes from a long sleep, he hears a noise like a hand sliding slowly across paper. Goliath is coming! But Goliath’s identity is a big surprise."

Goodness me, what an unexpected delight!  I think Triangle may have some competition for my favourite kiddo book of the year, Waiting for Goliath is irresistible!

Illustration-wise, this is one adorable and perfect book.  This diorama type style is a favourite for me, deceptively simple and visually beautiful.  Damm has done such a great job creating her lead, too.  Bear is the sweetest character, expressive, innocent, and immediately loveable.  His unfailing loyalty is touching, and makes that ending feel even more delicious.

The playful title cleverly sets up the novel for two surprises.  I think I actually laughed out loud when I got to there.  Literary and theatre-y parents definitely need to add this one to their collection, for sure!

Published by Gecko Press, Waiting for Goliath is in book stores now.

Review copy kindly provided by Gecko Press

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