Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Book Review :: The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd-Stanton

The Secret of Black Rock - Joe Todd-Stanton

"Out there in the deepest sea lies the Black Rock: a huge, dark and spiky mass that is said to destroy any boats that come near it! Can Erin uncover the truth behind this mysterious legend?"

This is suuuuuuch a stunning book, right from its embossed cover to those rich, evocative illustrations.  I think I audibly gasped when I saw that cover, and continued to gasp as I flicked through the pages.

The text itself is somewhat irrelevant, in light of the storytelling that occurs on each page.  Probably the book would work just as well without any text at all.  The illustrations tell so much more, and with such incredible detail, urgh!  I would happily frame almost any of the pages, especially those conveying the entirety of Black Rock.

Sorry guys, but I think you really need to see this one for yourselves, no review is gonna do justice.  #fact.

The kids found it exciting and magical, and Eleanor said she thinks it's a true story (lol), which means the subtle 'environmental awareness' message might just hit the mark too!

Illustrations to get lost in.  #siiiiiiigh.

The Secret of Black Rock is due out on July 1st, so make sure your local bookstore is putting aside a copy for y'all.

Review copy kindly provided by Walker Books

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