Sunday, June 4, 2017

Book Review :: Wild Animals of the South by Dieter Braun

Wild Animals of the South - Dieter Braun

"Famous German illustrator Dieter Braun offers his readers an accurate representation of animals from the southern hemisphere in this gorgeously illustrated volume."

This is one hefty, beautifully presented book, with so much potential for instructing and entertaining!  The striking cover and the matte pages, the tidbits of information on many of the pages, ahhhh.  I expected my animal-obsessed kids to go wild (no pun intended) for this one.  It was not so.  Perhaps the illustrations are a little too stylized for their taste?  Or perhaps the accompanying text is the ish, it's so small as to almost feel like afterthought (I soooo wanted info on each of the animals, not just some).  Whatever the case, we haven't (yet) spent hours flicking through the pages of this undeniably beautiful book.  I wonder if it's one that will grow on us and find its place as a middle-of-winter fireside read...  If not, it will serve as a lovely reference point for animal studies 💯 💯

Have you seen this beauty yet?  Or its predecessor, Wild Animals of the North?  Is it a yay or nay or somewhere in the middle, for you?

Review copy kindly provided by Walker Books

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