Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Book Review :: Timmy Failure books 1-6

We recently had the good fortune of being sent the Timmy Failure series ๐Ÿ‘Š.  These are popular books!  In truth, the cover art wasn't really calling to me, but they come with rave reviews so we were excited.  When I say 'we', I am most definitely referring to 'she', for clarification.

I read the first one and was quickly drawn in by the punchy chapters and quirky humour.  There's a level of comedy that skipped right on over Eleanor's head, which will make these fun for her to reread later.  I intend to finish the series, perhaps when I'm through my own, slowly diminishing TBR pile.  They're silly and fun, two things I will always advocate.

I'll let Eleanor give y'all the full lowdown...

Book 1 - Mistakes Were Made

The main characters are Timmy, Molly Moskins, Rollo, and Total (the naughty polar bear).  Most of the story is set at home or school, and sometimes at different houses.

Timmy Failure (the detective), has a hard life.  He just always gets into trouble but sometimes it's not his fault.  Other times it's all his fault like when he crashes the car into Corrina Corrina's house.

Book 2 - Now Look What You've Done

In this book, Timmy Failure is trying to find one of his classmates' spoon which has gone missing.  While he's on the hunt he gets sent to the bad people's school.  He can never seem to realise where the spoon is even though it's obvious.  Ed - #describetheseriesinasentence #nailedit

His business is called Total Failure inc.  Get it?

Book 3 - We Meet Again

I love this one!  Timmy makes some Garbanzo Man comic books that are funny.  Also, Rollo accidentally steals the nature report and then they have to make another one.  Someone else gets blamed until Timmy Failure explains it.  Ed - is that a spoiler? #sorry

Book 4 - Sanitized For Your Protection

This one's a good one.  He's super naughty in this one.  Timmy Failure's car has broken down and it broke next to a hotel where Molly Moskins and her family are staying.  He's so unhappy because he doesn't like Molly Moskins.  The naughtiest bit is when Timmy Failure and Molly Moskins run away.  After that Timmy Failure isn't allowed to do detective work anymore. Ed - those first two lines ๐Ÿ˜‚

Book 5 - The Book You're Not Supposed to Have

Timmy Failure secretly does detective work without his mum knowing.  His mum is going to get married to Dave which means that he might be moving to Chicago, but only if Dave likes the job he's got there.  If he moves there, Timmy won't be able to do detective work at all.

I like the bit where Timmy writes something and he wants you to believe that Molly Moskins wrote it.

Book 6 - The Cat Stole My Pants

It's his mum and step-dad's honeymoon and they go to Key West.  Timmy doesn't believe that his mother has married Dave because he fainted when they got married. He has to do detective work with Emilio, who is Dave's nephew.  They find a letter in a shell and they want to figure out what it means.

My favourite bit is when Total (the bear) stole the lights and tables and stuff from where they were staying in Key West.

I would recommend these books because they're interesting and it's fun seeing what happens to Timmy Failure.  They're easy to read and they're exciting and they're funny, most of the time.  I think I would read them again.

✌ Eleanor

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