Thursday, July 13, 2017

Book Review :: Chook Doolan

Chook Doolan - Written by James Roy and illustrated by Lucinda Gifford

Despite the nickname (Chook is a 'chicken') these stories provide a support for children experiencing anxiety, rather than ridiculing.  Yuss!  This young character is learning early on which tools and strategies are most beneficial in overcoming his fears.  We were super glad to have these great little books sent our way.  Like most kids, ours experience anxiety from time to time.  I so appreciate having helpful references for times of need.  If you're looking for something to add to your own toolbox, these will make an excellent addition.

The Chook Doolan books are a perfect match for early readers who are keen to move away from picture books.  Competent readers will whip through these, but I would recommend unpacking the text a little, post-read (and have a quick pre-read yourself, first - they're short).

Eleanor has shared brief synopses below, and check out Angela's excellent review too!

Chook Doolan - On the Road

Chook Doolan is going to see his twin cousins.  He's wondering how he could ever play with them because they're younger than him.  He finds out that one of the twins can play his favourite game which is chess, and she loves it.  My favourite bit is when Chook and his big brother were saying 'no one sweats playing chess' and he says, 'dad does.'  It's really funny.

Chook Doolan - Up and Away

His dad is a pilot.  Chook's a bit wary about planes and then he acts like a pilot while he's at the airport.  A little girl is scared that the plane might fall.  He knows all about planes now because his dad told him all about them, so he comforts her.  His dad said he really acted like a real pilot.  It's not really a funny book, it's good though.

Chook Doolan - Let's do Diwali

He has a friend whose family loves Diwali.  His friend tells Chook that they're celebrating Diwali and he should come over.  He's a bit scared at first because there's lots of people there, but then he really likes it because it's fun and colourful and there's nice food.  It's a bit like a lantern walk but with different kids of lights.  I'd really like to celebrate Diwali too because it sounds really cool.

Chook Doolan - Unhappy Camper

The school is having a camp and he's worried that there might be snakes and he might be sick.  It ends up that the camp is at school and so it turns out to be quite exciting.  My favourite part was when he asks if there's a doctor somewhere close, because he thought they were going out into the wild and he was gonna get sick.

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