Saturday, July 29, 2017

Book Review :: Soda Pop

Soda Pop - Written by Barbro Lindgren & illustrated by Lisen Adbage

"Soda Pop is an anarchic story full of playful nonsense in which the usual rules and prejudices do not exist."

This book is bananas!  I had nooo idea what was going on, lol; next level silliness of the very best kind (think Spike Milligan with a touch of Tove Jansson and a smidge of Astrid Lindgren).  The illustrations are equally playful, with a naivety and exuberance that is completely aligned with the story content.  I had Eleanor share a synopsis, and I think it really captures the spirit of the book.  Handing over to her...

Soda Pop has a weird house and a barn that's turned into a swimming pool.  He also has a giraffe and tigers.  The giraffe and tigers are usually hungry so he usually stops off at the hot dog shop to get them hotdogs.  Then there's an old grumpy man.  He's grumpy because Soda Pop has some yellow owls that come and sleep in his mailbox.  Soda Pop also gets a robber friend.  He's a robber, but he's a nice one.  There are other funny characters too, especially the grandpa who thinks he's a cuckoo. 

I thought it was funny, hilarious and incredible.  My favourite bit was when Soda Pop thought he was a dog.  He acts like a dog and so does his daddy, and when the hot dog man comes to pick up a tiger, Soda Pop nearly bites the hot dog man.  It's pretty funny!

Sound like your cup of tea?  If you haven't already, check it out!

Review copy kindly provided by Gecko Press :-)

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