Monday, August 7, 2017

Book Review :: My First Board Books - Donovan Bixley

My First Board Book - Shapes

"A wonderfully illustrated Donovan Bixley board book for learning shapes in both English and Maori.  Including the circle (porowhita), diamond (taimana) and stars (whetu). Perfect for Kiwi kids."

Yay for more Donovan Bixley!  He's becoming a firm favourite around here.  This time we're getting in early and introducing the baby to Bixley's quirky, kiwiana illustrations.  And if you think that a book introducing the shapes isn't gonna have any quirky kiwiana illustrations, think again.  Bixley goes for the unexpected for his examples and we love it.  For instance, 'square' is depicted by bee boxes (hives) and mirror dice.  I love that he included the koru/coil too.  So good!

My First Board Book - Things That Go!

"This fun and educational book from award-winning illustrator Donovan Bixley is full of things that fly, things that float and THINGS THAT GO!"

Again, Bixley finds the perfect, unexpected examples: a caravan, a quad, a rubbish truck.  All the other faves are there too, with a range of cute and sometimes familiar animals at the helm.  Little ones will love moving straight from these into Bixley's other picture books, with some cool little crossovers in each.  As with 'Shapes', 'Things That Go!' finishes with a little game to test knowledge.  Fun for little peops, and a handy way to try out new kupu.  With both books, the bright bold colours will likely appeal more to the littlies than they did to me (imagine these in pastels, yusss!), but otherwise they are total winners.

I'm particularly pleased that these books are in both english and Maori, one small step closer to becoming bilingual. Yuss!

Both books are out today.  We have to complete our collection with 'Animals' and 'Colours' now too 👍

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