Monday, August 7, 2017

Book Review :: Play by Jez Alborough

Play - Jez Alborough

"From the award-winning creator of HugTall and Yes comes another classic picture book for the very youngest children. Using only a handful of words, Jez Alborough skilfully tells the bedtime tale of Bobo the chimp. The sun is still up and this little chimp wants to play with his jungle friends, but then the sun goes down and he’s all alone… The perfect bedtime read for every playful little monkey!"

Some pros and a con for this little number.  Pro - the illustrations are vivid and sweet.  I love the style.  The images are formatted in a subtly graphic novel-ish way.  I found them very pleasing!   Pro - there's little text, other than a handful of speech bubbles with a few basic words.  Words that may have already been collected by a beginner talker.  Perfect for little, little peops, who will easily comprehend the message.  Con - I'm just really not sure about the message.  The story is about a little chimp that disobeys his mama's commands and runs away, to do as he pleases.  I didn't feel as though the 'play is for day' message overrode the content.  I dunno.  Maybe it did?  Pro - perhaps it would be useful as a discussion point - "What might happen if..?" sorta thing...

Overall, pretty cute, but not one for the favourites pile, this time.  I will definitely keep an eye out for others in this series though, I'm pretty confident I'll be a fan.

Review copy kindly provided by Walker Books

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