Friday, August 18, 2017

Book Review :: Two little Australians

A few educational Aussie books in this last batch from Walker!  These will especially resonate with young Australian kiddos, but our little kiwis are definitely big fans.

Koala - Claire Saxby & Julie Vivas

"It's time to find your own way, Little Koala."

One part story, one part educational. Koala is a tale of survival, spliced with interesting facts.  The tidbits of info are great, and definitely enhance the narrative.  Our two have been lucky enough to hold a koala (chur, Australia Zoo) and even spot on in the wild (CHUR, Noosa National Park), so this story really resonated and got them rememberin'.  With strong watercolour illustrations to complement the story, this would make a perfect addition to a classroom library, or for use within a teaching unit.

A is for Australian Animals - Frane Lessac

"A factastic tour of Australian animals, by award-winning author-illustrator Fran√© Lessac"

And if you're going down the classroom or home teaching route, A is for Australian Animals is another worthy resource.  I have to admit, this one did not appeal to me at all on first glance.  The illustrative style is not for me, either in colour choice or technique.  I'm all 'visuals first' and would have put this one aside were it not for the written content.

Buuuuut, the animal facts are interesting, and elevate the book to 'definitely a keeper' status.  In fact, the minute I was done with this one Garland hightailed away with it.  He's asked for it nearly every night since.  It has to be said, Australia has an amazing variety of really weird animals.  A is for Australian Animals is a fun introduction to a whole bunch of them.

If you see it in-store, I highly recommend having a quick read.  If your kids are anything like ours they will lap up all these very un-boring factoids.

These two reads are perfect book buddies, and a new Nature Storybook (from the same collection as Koala) is set for release later this year.  If you're an animal lover, you'll wanna keep your eyes peeled.

Review copies kindly provided by Walker Books

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