Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Book Review :: Where is Grandma?

Where is Grandma? - Peter Schossow

"An odyssey, on which Henry finds friends, humour, information, and—at last—Grandma."

I'm not sure I'd say I was smitten with this one.  I tend to steer away from picture books with loads of text, I find that everyone's attention will quickly dwindle if we stay on a page too long.  This is not your average story, either.  I wasn't wild about it, though our kids were pretty entertained.

I'm pleased to see a story set in the context of a hospital.  It's not typical and that's cool.  I do like a story that simultaneously educates and entertains, as this one does.  Henry definitely covers a lot of ground within the hospital, and meets a bunch of characters who share a little of what they've learned there.  Children who have to frequent hospitals may very well relate to Henry's journey.

I found the story and it's illustrations lacking in warmth, and frankly both are a little scary.  Better suited to a curious, older child who will appreciate the frankness of exchanges between Henry and the other characters.

Available through Gecko Press, who kindly sent us a copy to review.

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