Friday, September 22, 2017

Book Review :: Curiosity

Curiosity - Markus Motum

"A stylishly illustrated non-fiction book about the search for life on Mars, told from the unique perspective of NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity."

Urgh!  This book is so great!  Science-y goodness for our little info-sponges.  Filled with details and diagrams describing how and why this little machine ended up on Mars, totally perfect for feeding curious minds.  The illustrations in Curiosity deserve far more than a passing mention, too.  They are lovely! Just look at that pretty cover!

The rover, Curiosity, narrates the story of his ascent to Mars.  I almost feel sorry for the little machine, all alone up there, until I recall that Curiosity is still juuuuust a robot #okaywhew (but she has her own twitter account, so I mean...).  I'm glad Motum uses this devise - it gives the story some heart, to complement all that information.

This is super pretty book is available form Oct 1st so keep ya eye out x

Review copy provided by Walker Books

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