Friday, September 29, 2017

Book Review :: Gecko

Gecko - Raymond Huber and Brian Lovelock

"Discover Gecko - the escape artist of the lizard world!"

Instalment #2 in Walkers Nature Storybook series is a goodie.  This time penned and painted by two kiwis, Gecko is relevant.  In the same format as Koala, Gecko tells a story and supplements it with pertinent (and interesting facts).  I dig this.  As a teacher I would happily add this to a library corner as a research tool, and as a parent it makes a nice bedtime story - with or without the additional factoids.  Older kids will enjoy the excuse to dip into a picture book again too, because 'research'.

The illustrations are perfect for this one.  If you're looking for an art activity for your kid or your class, the pages of Gecko would make a good starting point.  Actually, I'm totally gonna save this idea.  #yuss.

Gecko is due out in a couple of days.  Thanks to Walker Books for sending us this review copy :-)

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